SELECTUM Hotels is a company that provides management of hotel properties under its own distinguished brand on the markets. We offer practical and consulting services for managing the operations, marketing and sales, pre-project searches, strategic business planning, managing the staff, making operative budgets and many other activities accompanying the hotel management which are essential for the whole profitableness of Your investments in the tourism. Our goal is high income, returning your investments and long-term growth of our partners who are owners of properties. Also we are aware that this is the path towards the long-term and mutual partnership in the hotel management world.

We at SELECTUM Hotels aim towards “lightening” of the terms and conditions with our partners where our main goal is our business relationships with the investors to be as simple and transparent as possible. We claim that this distinguish us from other world hotel management chains which conditions for partnership are sometimes extremely heavy and confusing for the investors.

The benefit of working with us is the maximum flexibility with which we approach every business partner and we never forget that the success of their business is a measure of our capabilities.


General Management of Hotel properties:

In the general management, the owner grants the operating company the full managing and responsibility of the hotel property where all the decisions regarding the current operation are taken from the Operator in case nothing else is offered. The Operator manages the property and receives amount based on the final financial results. This formula has proven its effectiveness worldwide and it urges the Operator to persuade maximum economic results.

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Managing the trade activity of hotel properties:

With this option, the company Operator takes the full management of the trading activity of the hotel property which includes:

  • developing, introducing and leading the whole price politics;
  • contracting with tour operators, tour agents and corporative clients;
  • leading the marketing and advertising politics and doing the necessary actions to advertise the property;
  • performing central reservation activity through trade structure of the operator;
  • developing and introducing procedures and standards of receiving and making a reservation on the spot;
  • other accompanying activities, necessary for maximum capacity and target profit levels;

Consulting services in the Tourism:

Our areas of competent are:

  • pre-project analysis;
  • positioning and development plan;
  • marketing studies and competition analysis;
  • marketing, sales, advertisement;
  • operative management of the exploitation actions in the hotel;
  • managing the expenses;

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