The hotels from the group of Selectum Hotels will operate in accordance with all instructions of the WHO and the Ministry of Tourism for the operation of accommodation and restaurants in conditions of danger of infection with Covid-19 in Bulgaria, which are coordinated with the Ministry of Health and the requirements of the Bulgarian

Food Safety Agency / the information below is in accordance with the current requirements of the health authorities /.

According to the latest order of the Minister of Health, we would like to inform you that the use of the services on the territory of the hotels requires the possession and provision of a valid, during the entire stay, green certificate / completed vaccination course, 72 hour PCR test or 48 hour fast antigen test /.

A general regulation with procedures has been developed, which each of the sites will apply taking into account its specifics. Here we give a summary for our partners, as well as information on what to expect from our guests:

Introductory, we allow ourselves to note and clarify that no measure introduced by us can replace the personal responsibility of our guests. We expect them to follow the rules so that we can protect each other. We reserve the right to request the early departure of those who do not respect our rules and endanger the safety of other guests or employees of the hotel.

Pictogram instructions at the entrance of each site of the group regarding the rules for maintaining social distance in each area of the hotel. The information will be available in the guest’s room again in the form of pictograms.

RECEPTION – check-in / check-out:

  • Reception staff will work behind protective PVC screens at the hotel reception or with protective masks and gloves.
  • Simultaneous accommodation / departure is allowed for a maximum of 2 people or 1 family. The other guests will wait at a certain place, observing a distance of at least 1.5 meters, where it is possible there will be indications of the distance.
  • Passengers with a personal car – please be informed and comply with check-in and check-out times. Early check in and late check-out of individual guests traveling by car will be possible, but only after coordination and confirmation by the hotel and will take place within 1-2 days before arrival / resp. departure from the hotel.
  • Contactless terminals for payment of basic and additional services by hotel guests. Disinfection of the reception area every hour and more often at the discretion of the reception staff or when necessary.


  • Complete disinfection of the room before accommodating guests.
  • Daily disinfection of all contact surfaces and critical points in the guest’s room, incl. bathroom and terrace/remote control for TV, switches for lighting and sockets, handles of drawers and wardrobes, locks, telephone, mini bar, sanitary facilities in the bathroom /.
  • Personal protective equipment will be available at reception and will be provided upon request.
  • Isolation of a number of rooms from the capacity of the hotel in a separate area, if it is necessary to separate a guest with suspected infection.
  • An additional set of duvets and pillows will only be provided upon request at reception.


  • Hotel guests should wear masks in common areas indoors.
  • Stations for hand disinfection will be located throughout the hotel and its facilities – hotel entrance, lobby, reception, in front of elevators, restaurant entrance, lobby bar, children’s room and meeting place with maintenance representative.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of common areas and critical points in common areas such as elevator buttons, railings, corridors, door locks, stairs, bathrooms, luggage, etc. with approved preparations with biocidal action and frequency according to the instructions for each preparation and surface for which it is intended.
  • Allocation of seating areas in the lobby area to a maximum of 4 people and a distance of at least 1.5 meters.
  • Meeting place with a maintenance representative – maximum 2 people or members of 1 family. The maintenance representative is subject to a temperature check before being admitted to the hotel and must wear a protective mask and helmet.
  • Information boards and maintenance folders – their use is allowed on the territory of the sites, they will be regularly disinfected and in this connection to be made of appropriate materials and with laminated pages.
  • Limit the number of guests to board the elevators depending on the size of the cabins 2 people or a maximum of1 family member.


  • Measurement of body temperature at the entrance of the restaurant.
  • Guests have access to a self-service buffet, but are required to wear individual face masks and degradable protective gloves, which they receive at the entrance of the restaurant.
  • Arrangement of tables at a distance of at least 1.5 meters, up to 6 people or members of 1 family, as well as one way corridors for traffic in the trade halls.
  • If necessary, guests may have to wait to enter the restaurant to provide the necessary distance.
  • Disinfection of the trade halls of the restaurants before each main meal as well as disinfection of all tables and seats after each guest.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of bars, countertops, with approved products with biocidal action and frequency according to the instructions for each product and surface for which it is intended.
  • Acceptance of products – food and beverages, as well as food preparation according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health and RHI and entry of all procedures in control diaries.


  • Hand sanitizer stations at the entrance to the relaxation area.
  • All facilities operate in accordance with the requirements of the health authorities.
  • Disinfection of sunbeds and seating areas by the pool after each guest and readiness at the request of the guest.
  • Disinfect the area around the pool at least 2 times a day or more often if imposes.


  • Hotel staff are only allowed to work after presenting a valid green certificate.
  • In each hotel there is a safety and security officer who will monitor compliance with the measures and standards for work on the site, both by staff and external suppliers and contractors, as well as hotel guests.
  • Daily check of the body temperature of the hotel employees before the start of each duty, as well as of their status during work. Staff with health complaints will not be allowed on the job.
  • Work in fixed shifts and schedules for staff in order to limit their contacts.
  • Personal protective equipment for all employees in the various units of the hotel complex according to the requirements and recommendations for the respective activity – masks and gloves, as well as helmets, where necessary.
  • Training on the specific new additional requirements for behaviour and work in the new conditions.
  • All activity logbooks remain in effect. New ones have been introduced in order to register the introduced additional procedures. The diaries are kept according to the requirements of RHI / occupational medicine, etc. controlling bodies, and ensure traceability of all flows and activities on the territory of the sites.
  • Access of suppliers, employees of external companies, partners and / or subcontractors to the sites will occur in a certain order – allowed after measuring the temperature, necessarily using masks, gloves and helmets depending on the nature of their work. They are entered in diaries.
  • Contract with an authorized medical center, if necessary to serve hotel guests and staff.